Wednesday, 29 July 2009

In spite of a less than perfect weather forecast the open sessions continue to prove to be successful, with visitors enjoying the opportunity to spend time on the Green Heart Den and meet members of our committee. The latest session may have also helped to identify a potential volunteer from the local community. Comments received from visitors earlier today include:

"I found it a pleasant surprise amid the brick and concrete environment"
"I would recommend a visit to friends and family"
"It is an inspirantional idea and is begining to change things for the better in the area"
"It is a flagship for Barrow"
"Enjoyed learning about the history"
"Brilliant, inspiring"

The next open session will take place between noon and 4pm, Wednesday 5 August.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Open session - visitor feedback

During our first open session visitors were kind enough to take a little time and complete a short feedback form and sign our visitors book.
Below are some of the comments we received.
"The garden, plants, play area are all fantastic. I would love to come back for a picnic"
"I think it is a wonderful place, will come back as much as possible. Love the sound of the future plans. A peaceful, enjoyable place for all ages"
"The herbs and plants are beautifully presented. Fantastic!"
"Lets have more of these places"
"Nice people. Its a wonderful place"
"Lovely, wonderful for Barrow, very impressed"
"Brilliant place to spend an afternoon"
"Fantastic - Kids love it"
"An amazing transformation of waste land to an excellent community facility"

An added befefit of the open session has been that we were able to help some visitors after they had highlighted concerns they have in their community. Although the concerns were not directly related to the Green Heart Den we could offer advice, supply contact details and signpost them to the apporopriate agencies such as Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood management wardens and/or PCSO"s from our Local Policing Team.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Our first open sesson

Committee volunteer Alan Postlethwaite meeting visitors on the Green Heart Den during our first open session. The next open session will be between noon and 4pm on Wednesday 29 July.

Friday, 17 July 2009

188 Marsh Street Clean Up

Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management Team Wardens cleaning the back yard of 188 Marsh Street and making a real difference.
This property has remained vacant for decades and has been used regularly for fly tipping.
It is to be removed in the near future to provide for the pedestrian access route onto the Green Heart Den, direct from Marsh Street.
Big thank you to all at the Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management Team.
Please visit their blog page here.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Cumbria in Bloom Visit

Volunteer Graham Bromley meeting Cumbria in Bloom judge David Haigh on the Green Heart Den.
David visited the Green Heart Den to learn more about the garden and to assess first hand if it met the criteria for any potential Cumbria in Bloom Award.
If you would like additional information about the Cumbria in Bloom Awards, please visit their website here.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Green Heart Den - Open Sessions

On behalf of the Marsh Street Arches and Garden CIC could I take this opportunity and highlight temporary open sessions on the Green Heart Den. These open sessions are planned to take place between noon and 4pm, every Wednesday throughout the school summer holidays, from the 22nd July until the 26th August.

Temporary access to the Green Heart Den for the duration of these sessions is from Ramsden Street into the back street behind Marsh Street walking towards Greengate Street bridge. To view a map detailing the access point into the back street please click here

We recognise that access via the back street is not ideal which is why the sessions are temporary, during the summer holidays. The provision of the open sessions follows a delay in the removal of 188 Marsh Street which will ultimately provide for the pedestrian access route into the Green Heart Den, direct from Marsh Street.

The open sessions are being organised and facilitated by Graham Robinson with assistance from Committee Member Alan Postlethwaite.

The aims of the open sessions are to:

Raise awareness of the Green Heart Den
Allow people the opportunity to visit the garden and enjoy the surroundings.
Offer the opportunity for people to speak to members of our committee.
Help identify potential volunteers.

If you would like further details of the open sessions please contact Graham Robinson on 01229 889694.

Green Heart Den July 2009

Monday, 6 July 2009

Management Committee Update

Following our AGM, in which we attracted a new Director and new Members to the Marsh Street Arches and Garden Community Interest Company, our Management Committee now consists of:

Company Director - Architiect, Hugh Massey.
Company Director - Accountant, Scott Gomersall.
Company Director - Furness Building Society Genreal Manager, Ian Bell.
Company Director - Local Resident/Newsagent, Joe Wardman.

Member of Company - Local Authority Principal Officer, Val Holden.
Member of Company - Project Manager, Nicola Foster.
Member of Company - District Councillor, David Pidduck.
Member of Company - Local Railway Historian, Alan Postlethwaite.
Member of Company - Volunteer, Graham Robinson.

Company Secretary - Local Resident Volunteer, Graham Bromley.