Monday, 6 July 2009

Management Committee Update

Following our AGM, in which we attracted a new Director and new Members to the Marsh Street Arches and Garden Community Interest Company, our Management Committee now consists of:

Company Director - Architiect, Hugh Massey.
Company Director - Accountant, Scott Gomersall.
Company Director - Furness Building Society Genreal Manager, Ian Bell.
Company Director - Local Resident/Newsagent, Joe Wardman.

Member of Company - Local Authority Principal Officer, Val Holden.
Member of Company - Project Manager, Nicola Foster.
Member of Company - District Councillor, David Pidduck.
Member of Company - Local Railway Historian, Alan Postlethwaite.
Member of Company - Volunteer, Graham Robinson.

Company Secretary - Local Resident Volunteer, Graham Bromley.

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