Saturday, 22 August 2009

Visitor feedback

Following a recent visit by the Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Junior Wardens we asked - what did you most enjoy about the Green Heart Den? Below are some of the comments we received:

"It is interesting, colourful and fun"
"I like the way it has changed and the play area"
"The plants, the wildlife and nature"
"There are different flowers and bushes there"
"It is full of plants"
"The water feature and the nature. But I really like all of it"

After visiting the Green Heart Den with a small group of SERIS children, Sacred Heart Junior School also provided comments in regard to what they most enjoyed about their visit, as detailed below:

"The children were able to walk around, touch the herbs, and play on the equipment"
"You would never know that you were just below busy Greengate Street, it was so quiet"
"The fact that the children are encouraged to look around by themselves in this beautiful environment"
"This was a wonderful time which all of the children loved"
"This was special to us, to be able to take the children just a short distance and have a wonderful time"

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