Saturday, 31 October 2009

Small Copper

A small copper enjoying our scented mayweed on the north plot banking.

The Small Copper is usually seen in ones and twos, but in some years large numbers may be found at good sites. Males are territorial, often choosing a piece of bare ground or a stone on which to bask and await passing females. They behave aggressively towards any passing insects, returning to the same spot when the chase is over.
Though it remains a common and widespread species, the Small Copper declined throughout its range during the twentieth century.
It occurs in a wide variety of habitats: chalk grassland, moorland, heathland, coastal dunes and undercliffs, woodland clearings, and unimproved grassland. This species may be found also in small patches of land such as set-aside fields, roadside verges, railway embankments, allotments, churchyards, and waste ground, even in cities. Warm, dry situations are especially favoured.

Additional information about butterflies can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website here.

Seed Pods

Evergreen iris seed pods have been scattered along the length of the natral wildlife banking we created along the boundary with the railway line on the north plot. It is hope that the seeds will attract the interest of birds.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Our Primroses

Our painted lady mix primroses basking in the late autumn sun.


Caterpillars enjoying our winter cabbage in the raised planters on the north plot.

Our Winter Cabbage

Our winter cabbage is flourishing in the raised planters on the north plot.

Junior Wardens Litter Pick

Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Managements Junior Wardens conducting a litter pick on the Green Heart Den and in Marsh Street back street as part of their efforts to achieve a John Muir Award. The team also replaced the plants stolen from the raised planters on the north plot before relaxing and having fun on the Green Heart Den. Thank you all, it was very much appreciated.

Additional pictures can be viewed on our Flickr photo gallery here.

One Of Our Partner Organisations

On of the many organisations that have supported the Green Heart Hen for several years is Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management.
From left to right the team consists of;

Helen Wiggan, High Risk Advocate, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service
Paul Zaccarini, Neighbourhood Warden
Andy High, Senior Neighbourhood Warden
Rebecca Rawlings, Co-ordinator, Barrow Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
Steve Robson, Neighbourhood Manager
Rebecca Allen, Administrator
Phil Robson, Neighbourhood Warden
Scott Quinn, Neighbourhood Warden
Dan Finalyson, Neighbourhood Warden

Additional information about the team and their efforts in helping to provide a safer, cleaner and stronger neighbourhood can be found can be found here.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Green Estate - Sheffield

Thought this example of regeneration in Sheffield may be of interest.
"Green Estate is part of the family of third sector organisations that operate from the Manor and Castle areas in South Sheffield . Our story started in 1998 when our inner city area, like many others, was suffering some of the worst effects of social, economic and environmental poverty. However, although in an appalling state at the time it was clear that this area itself had an exceptional history and heritage plus significant areas of uncared for green spaces. This inspired us up take on the role of stewards to what we called ‘our Green Estate’.
The idea was pretty simple - if the relationship between the land and people were made to work again, just as they would in a country estate, we could bring life back to the green deserts and make the green environment a valued and productive asset"
Detailed information can be found here.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Junior Wardens Plants Stolen

Earlier today it was noticed that many of the flowers and shrubs previously planted in the raised beds on the North plot by Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood managements Junior Wardens have been stolen.  These plants will be replaced later today and replanted later in the week, again with the assistance of the Junior Wardens.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Junior Warden John Muir Award Lesson

In spite of horrendous weather Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Managements Junior Wardens took part in another John Muir Award activity on the Green Deart Den. The wardens needed to find answers to questions regarding the history of the John Muir Award that had been placed around the garden. Well done all.

Additional pictures can be viewd on our Flickr photo gallery here.

Planting Ivy

Earlier this afternoon durning breaks between the heavy showers ivy was planted at intervals along the fencing between the railway line and our wildlife haven. It is hoped that the ivy will eventually soften the look of the fencing.

Friday, 23 October 2009

General Maintenance

As part of our routine garden maintenance tasks, a fine rake is used to loosely break up patches of moss that are growing in some areas on the golden gravel.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Arch D Gate Fabrication Process

Tutor Mike Walsh (far left) and Art and design students from Furness College visiting Gilmour Fabrications Ltd on Park Road to discuss the fabrication process for the gates for arch D with Mark Wallis of Gilmour Fabrications (second right) and our architect Hugh Massey (far right).

Earlier in the year we had met tutor Mike Walsh and the art and design students from Furness College, Julia Geere of the Barrow Excellence Cluster Partnership and Nicola Foster from West Lakes Renaissance. They had visited the project as part of their work on the “involving schools and colleges in Barrow's regeneration project", a local project supported by West Lakes Renaissance, North West Development Agency and Barrow Excellence Cluster Partnership.

Following this initial meeting we have worked closely and in partnership with Mike and the art and design students from Furness College, providing a "real life" design brief, asking if they could produce realistic and feasible design options for enhancement to the basic gates.
Once our committee had agreed on the final design by student Heather Stephenson, and following a successful funding application from the Sir John Fisher Foundation we were able to commission Gilmour’s to fabricate and install the gates.

Mike and the art and design students have also been invited back to see the completed gates being installed onsite.

We would like continue working with Mike and the students and among ideas discussed for their future involvement have included; sculptures, artistic features for the garden and visual displays, possibly in one of the railway arches.

Additional pictures of the complete process can be viewed here.

Arbour Update

Our architect, Hugh Massey, meeting contractors on site to discuss the groundworks and the steel manufacture process in preparation for the installation of the arbour feature.

Children and Young Peoples Plan 2010 - 2013

Cumbria Children’s Trust is currently in the process of developing the next 3 year Children and Young People’s Plan and as part of their consultation  have developed an online questionnaire for completion by parents and carers, which can be accessed here.
Additionally they have developed an online questionnaire for completion by young people, aged 11 onwards, which can be accessed here.
Deadline for responses is 30 October 2009.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Share a Smile - Love Barrow

How does the saying go, ‘smile and the world smiles with you’? Well some agencies working in Barrow would like your help to put this to the test.

For further details please visit here.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Wildlife on Barrows Doorstep

If you would like a guide to nature reserves in and around Barrow please vist the Barrow Borough Council website here.

Alternatively, the guide can also be downloaded here.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Enjoying The Sun

A Red Admiral enjoying the sun and the dianthus in our North plot planters. This strong-flying migratory species may be seen throughout Britain and Ireland and in almost any habitat, from sea-shore to town centres and the tops of mountains.
It is a frequent visitor to gardens throughout the British Isles and is one of the most well-known butterflies as a result. This butterfly is unmistakable, with striking red bands contrasting with the velvety-black wings.
In spring, each newly arrived male defends its chosen territory vigorously. These territories are situated initially close to the south coast, then further inland and typically on bushy hillsides, in corners of sheltered gardens, or in sunny clearings in woodland or parkland, and may be held for a week or more if conditions are suitable for flight. Females are usually seen near nettle beds except when nectaring.
Later in the season, any flower-rich habitat is likely to attract the butterfly, including gardens where buddleias, stonecrops, and Michaelmas-daisies are all popular with Red Admirals. They also favour orchards where fruit is rotting on the ground.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Raised Planters

Shrubs and flowers in our raised planters, planted by Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Managements Junior Wardens Team, are flourishing in the autumn sun.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New Dolphin Bin

Our new dolphin bin recently sited near the play area on the Green Heart Den appears happy to be there.
Thank you to the Streetcare team for providing all of our litter bins.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Our bird boxes, made and donated by pupils at Greengate Junior School are beginning to attract the interest of the local bird population, especially the smaller birds such as blue tits..

Arbour Planting Boxes

Continental Landscapes Ltd delivering the planting boxes they have constructed for the arbour feature. The planters will eventually be positioned at the foot of each of the six columns that will make up the arbour and be planted with climbers, possibly hops and vines.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Community Press Central Issue

The Community Press and North West Evening Mail have followed the progress of the Green Heart Den for several years. Their most recent article, which also details the work of Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Managements Junior Wardens, can be found in the Central Issue Community Newspaper on the North West Evening Mail website here. Thank you to Martin and Ian for an excellent story.


Green Heart Den Maintenance

We have  finished cutting back the mint and provided ID tags for the various herbs in the raised planters.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Maintenance and Plant Care

Today we have been conducting general maintenance and plant care.
In particular the post and wire fencing has needed to be tightened as it had become loose and started to sag in some areas in and around the Green Heart Den.
The mint in the raised planters has been cut back to promote new growth and bonemeal has been added to the soil where we have planted Rosemary, Hebe and Euonymus.
Holly has also been planted in the remaining section of our raised planters on the Norh plot.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Greengate Junior School Outdoor Science Lesson

Teachers, staff and pupils from Greengate Junior School during a recent outdoor classroom science lesson.

Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management wardens also helped on the day and provided a walking bus to and from the school.

Feedback provided by the pupls can be viewed here.

Junior Wardens John Muir Award Activity

Due to poor weather conditions, the planned John Muir Award activity on the Green Heart Den had to be moved inside.
Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management Junior Wardens took the opportunity to learn more about the various wildlife on the Green Heart Den, plan for future activities and complete feedback forms from a previous John Muir Award Activity on the Green Heart Den.

Completed feedback forms can be viewed here.

Additional pictures can be found here.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Regeneration - The voice of tomorrows town

A short film detailing the Youth Re -Action Teams consultation work for the Regeneration of Barrow Project. The video includes a short clip of their return visit to the Green Heart Den.

Additional videos can be found on the Go Furness website here.