Saturday, 26 December 2009

Potential Railway Arch Development

We continue to consult with Spacia in the hope of securing a long term lease for potential development of the six adjacent railway arches.
Since 2004 we have conducted and commissioned various consultations in the local area regarding options for the potential uses of the railway arches. The management committee hope that they can be developed as a social enterprise - in such a way that they would be of benefit to the community and provide additional resources for the local area.
Options identified during consultations conducted between 2004 - 2009 have been assessed in terms of; feasibility, sustainability, their ability to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the community, and the economic, social and environmental impact any potential development would have on the local community.

A summary of our various consultation reports can be downloaded here.

Among the themes identified include:

• Facilities for young people
• Sports and recreation centre
• Health/healthy living resource
• Training and educational resource
• Routes to employment
• Environmental activities
• Arts and media

It could also be beneficial to use one arch as our office/base of operations and include; a shared communal space, toilet, washroom, and kitchen facilities. This could be utilised as a show case arch.

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