Monday, 29 March 2010

Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies

Our first siting, this year, of a pair of small tortoiseshell butterflies.
If you would like additional information about butterflies please visit:

North Plot Banking

Daffodils, planted by various volunteers, are beginning to flower and add colour to the North plot banking.

North Plot Raised Planters

The raised planters adding a little colour to the North plot. Among those that hepled plant the raised beds last year included; Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Managements team of Junior Wardens, local volunteers and Members of our Management Committee.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Our Slow Worms

Our slow worms have survided the harsh winter months.
The Slow-worm is a lizard. It looks like a snake in some respects but the fact that it has eyelids, a flat forked tongue and can drop its tail to escape from a predator gives its true identity away. The Slow-worm is probably the most commonly encountered British reptile. It is often found in gardens and is widespread throughout the British Isles. It is naturally absent from Ireland (those found there, in the area of the Burren, are thought to be introduced). It's appearance is always shiny, the males are a greyish brown, the females brown with dark sides and a thin line down the back. Slow-worms give birth to live young in September. The young are very thin, about 4cm long with black bellies and gold or silver backs with a thin black line down the middle.
The Slow-worm can be found in almost any open or semi-open habitat. It likes warmth but instead of basking in the open sun it prefers to hide under a stone, log or piece of discarded rubbish such as a sheet of corrugated iron or plank of wood exposed to the sun. Slow Worms are also keen on compost heaps where they find warmth and plenty of food. They feed on slow moving prey, particularly small slugs.

Reference: The Herpetological Conservation Trust

NOTE:  Slow-worms are protected against killing, injuring and sale under UK legislation:
  • Bern Convention 1979: Appendix III
  • Wildlife and Countryside Act (as Amended) 1981: Schedule 5
  • Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW 2000)
Following an amendment in 1988 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, part of Section 9(1) and all of Section 9(5) apply to the slow-worm’s listing on Schedule 5 of the Act. Consequently, under parts of Section 9(1) slow-worms are protected against intentional killing and injuring, not "taking". Under Section 9(5) it is an offence to offer for sale, transport for sale, advertise for the purpose of trading any live, dead, part, or derivative of, slow-worms. It is an offence to; kill, harm, injure, offer for sale, transport for sale, advertise for the purpose of trading any live, dead, part, or derivative of slow-worm, sell or trade them in any way.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

It's Happening

Art work interpretation by Katie Roberts from Barrow 6th Form College.
This work was created as part of the "Involving schools and colleges in Barrow's regeneration" project run by Children's Services funded by Barrow Regeneration.

The artwork has received some very positive feedback from various people including:

Project Coordinator Graham Bromley - "I really love this, it is a great piece of artwork. I think we are very fortunate to have so many talented and inspiring young people in Barrow".

Community Division Area Support Manager, Karen Johnson - " This is fantastic and a real credit to our young people. Great work Katie. Looking forward to your next piece.

Community Press Editor, Rosie Hillman - "This is wonderful work, what a great concept."

John Muir Award Presentation

Barrow Mayor, Dorothy Dawes presenting Members of Central and Hindpool Junior Wardens Team with their John Muir Award Certificates at St James School.
The work for the award was conducted on the Green Heart Den. Among the various activities that contributed to the much deserved recognition for the team of Junior Wardens included;
  • Litter picks on the Green Heart Den and surrounding area.
  • Scattering wildflower seed.
  • Leaning about maintaining the garden.
  • Outdoor lesson, learning about the history of John Muir
  • Making bird feeders from recycled objects.
  • Planting up our raised planters.
  • Indoor lesson, learning about the wildlife on the Green Heart Den.
Pictures detailing the work of the Junior Wardens are included on our Flickr gallery here 

Funding for the various activities was provided by grants we have recieved from both, Cumbria County Council Local Committee for Barrow and Our Green Space.

Well done all................. Inspiring

If you would like to Be Inspired, please visit Central and Hindpool Inspiring Communities here

Monday, 22 March 2010

Seat Design Progress

Project Coordinator Graham Bromley, Furness College tutor Mike Walsh, Housing Renewal Manager Chris Jones and art and design students for Furness College pictured during an exhibition in the Town Hall.
The exhibition allowed the opportunity to showcase the art and design students excellent work to provide design options for both, a small plot of land for Barrow Borough Council and seating for the Green Heart Den.
This forms part of the students work on the the "Involving Schools and Colleges in Barrow's Regeneration" project which is funded by West Lakes Renaissance.
Funding for the seat design and the potential fabrication of the final design is to be provided from the grant we have received from Our Green Space.

Picture provided by Julia Geere from Childrens Services.

..........additional pictures can be viewed on our Flick gallery here.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Daffodils, planted last year by volunteers during our open sessions flourishing and adding colour to the Green Heart Den.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Unique Opportunity For Local Architects

The Green Heart Den are looking to progress the fabrication and installation of lockable metal gates associated with the provision of the main pedestrian access route onto the garden. The first step will be to produce architectural drawing which could then be sent to local fabrication companies during a tender process. We would be interesting in hearing from any local architect who would like to work with us in producing appropriate drawings and offering advice and guidance. Ideally, but not necassarily exclusively, on a voluntary basis (say 4 or 5 hours per month).
A potential added benefit to any architect or Company could be that; as our project is well recognised and regularly promoted locally and in various ways such as our blog page, partner e-bulletins and newsletters and the local media we could possibly help to promote their work and raise awareness of their business.
If you, or anyone that you may know of, are interested in this unique opportunity to help our project and make a difference in the local community please call Project Coordinator, Graham Bromley on 07919 991 989. Thank you.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Litter Bin Keys

..................Would like to thank Glasdon UK for very kindly providing replacement litter bins keys FREE of charge. It was very much appreciated.

Seat Design Progress

Furness College tutor Mike Walsh, art and design student Tom Crooks and Project Coordinator Graham Bromley reviewing the progress of the art and design students work on their options for seating designs. The students had previously been provided with a brief to develop design options for seating which will be manufactured and sited on the Green Heart Den. Also in attendance was Community Press editor Rosie Hillman who is hoping to include and article about our continued partnership work with the College and its students in the next Central Issue community newspaper.
This work part of the students work on the the "Involving Schools and Colleges in Barrow's Regeneration" project which is funded by West Lakes Renaissance.
Funding for the seat design and the potential fabrication of the final design is to be provided from the grant we have received from Our Green Space.

For additional pictures please visit our Flickr gallery here.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Our Bird Boxes

Our bid boxes; constructed, donated and sited by pupils from Greengate Junior School with the help of Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Wardens last year, continue to attract the interest of the local bird population. Including blue tits.

Our Water Feature

Although it may not feel like it...........perhaps the sun is getting a little stronger as our solar powered water feature is slowly beginning to work again.

Crocus Flourishing

Some of our crocus, planted last year by members of Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Managements team of Junior Wardens as part of their work to achieve a John Muir Discovery Level Award.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Inspiring Communities

Inspiring Communities is about creating a community where we all work together to create the best opportunities for our young people.

For more details about Inspring Communities locally please vist their blog page here.

You can also find details of inspiring Communities locally on our blog below of by clicking here.

For more about Inspiring Communities nationally please see

Monday, 1 March 2010

Our Iris

Our Iris, previously planted by volunteers and committee members have survived the winter frosts and are flourishing in the Spring sun.


Involving Schools and Colleges in Barrow’s Regeneration

Involving Schools and Colleges in Barrow’s Regeneration - Site Visit

Pictured during a recent visit to the Green Heart Den are, left to right: Terry Briody from Furness Academy, Lesley Skelton from St Bernards and Julia Geere from Childrens Services. They had visted the garden to meet with Project Coordinator Graham Bromley and discuss the project as a whole and highlight the potential of teachers, staff and pupils from the schools becoming actively involved with the Involving Schools and Colleges in Regeneration of Barrow Project.