Sunday, 20 February 2011

Minor works to brick work on Greengate bridge nears completion

Would like to thank AMCO Amalgamated Construction who were commissioned by Network Rail to conduct minor works to the brickwork on Greengate Street bridge structure, facing the Green Heart Den. This work is nearing completion, the contractors will be conducting similar minor works to the north side of Greengate bridge structure in the near future.

Our Project Coordinator thought it was important to note that this work has been assisted by the fact that Marsh Street Arches and Garden Comminuty Interest Company provided for the main access gates onto this area during the construction of the Green Heart Den and the installation of the secure gated access to arch D. Prior to this there was no access whatsoever,  the area was land locked, and it would have been difficult in the extreme for this work to be conducted as vehicles and equipment would have needed to be craned onto the site. The contractors also took advantage of the secure gates access the CIC installed on arch D as they stored their large equipment in the arch rather than transport to the site each day.

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