Saturday, 19 February 2011

Proposed gates access to arches E and F

Our Project Coordinator is hopeful that Network Rail Network Rail will be forthcoming with permission, if indeed we need permission, to replace their unsightly fencing with a secure gated entrance to aches E and F (as we have to arch D) while we are in consultation in regard to agreeing an appropriate license for the use the arches.

We belive that our project has done an excellent job so far in tidying up what was once an eyesore and understand that the addition of a secure gates access to these arches would; improve the visible appearance of the arches, provide security for the arches, allow us to clear debris/litter that regularly blows into the arches and enable us to work with organisations such as Cumbria Wildlife Trust in monitoring the pipistrelle bats that roost in the arches.

It is worth noting that Network Rail had no access of any kind to this area before the Marsh Street Arches and Garden CIC completed construction of the Green Heart Den and provided for the installation of a secure gates access to arch D. That is with the exception of needing to use a large set of ladders to climb over the 2.5 metre solid brick wall that used to be there.

Currently the CIC  has a budget for the manufacture and installation for this work so it would not cost Network Rail anything.

Network Rail would still have access to their arches if we installed a secured gated access in the same way as we have been working closely with AMCO contractors who have been commissioned by Network Rail to conduct minor works to loose brickwork on Greengate bridge structure....we were more than happy to supply them with a set of spare keys for both arch D and the Green Heart Den itself.

If you or anyone within your network knows anyone at Network Rail who could possibly influence a decision in giving permission, if indeed they need permission, to this worthy project to install a secured gated access, at their own cost, to these derelict, uncared for, unused railway arches could you please pass this information on to them. Thank you.

If you can help or would like additional information our Project Coordinator, Graham Bromley can be contacted on: 07919 919 989 or by email to

Additional picturues can be viewed on our Flickr photo gallery here.

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