Thursday, 3 February 2011

Community grow your own scheme final design drop in workshop session

We would like to offer you the opportunity to have a say and possibly influence the final design for the north plot community grow your own scheme during a drop in style session which is to be held between:

1pm - 3pm, Thursday 10th February at the Neighbourhood Management Office, 242/244 Dalton Road.

It is hoped that the drop in session will provide those living and working in the area a chance to review the initial scheme design, meet and discuss details of the scheme with both members of the Marsh Street Arches and Garden Community Interest Company Management Committee and Groundwork landscape architect John Nuttall. John, in consultation with the Community Interest Company, produced the scheme drawing.

The drop in session will also be an opportunity for service providers to highlight any specific requirements that you think could be of benefit to users of your services.

For example; if you are a service provider - are there any specific requirements that, in your experience, could potentially be of benefit to your clients/service users. Specifications such as say; appropriate height/shape for raised planters, widths and materials for pathways etc.

Your comments/suggestions would be taken into consideration in the final design specifications for the scheme.

Once specifications have been agreed we will be in a better position to cost the design and decide what we can do, based on funding received, and what we need to leave until later when we have secured additional funding. Dependant on the final costs and confirmation of funding streams, it may be that the completed project will need to be delivered in stages.

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided.

We hope you can attend and have a say in the final design of the scheme.

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