Monday, 20 June 2011

Some of our favourite FREE events............enjoyed by the community

Official naming ceremony.....

Summer in the Garden......

                                           Christmas in the Garden........


  1. Hi Green Heart Den, as a local resident who has benefitted from many of the free activities could I ask if future events will continue to be free. I ask as I had heard that the project may possibly incur charges associated with access to the arch from the railway peope. Thank you.

  2. Dear local resident, there is a potential that we may incur potential charges, however, we are working closely with our lineside neighbours Network Rail in the hope of limiting any potential costs we may incur in association to accessing the arches. However if these cost are high, we may have to off set any potential costs by charging for future activities and events. Hopefully, by owring together, we wil be able to avoid this and still provide for free events. We will keep you posted. Regards, the Green Heart Den