Sunday, 20 November 2011

Community grow your own scheme update

Over the past few months we have secured a long term 85 year land lease from the local authority, agreed a tenancy agreement with Network Rail for the use of 4 adjacent railway arches and also worked closely with:
  • Barrow Borough Council, who helped to provide funding which enabled the installation of a new brick wall
  • Thomas Armstrong Ltd, who constructed the new wall and donated bricks to the project 
  • Our Green Space, who funded the works associated with the installation of the new railings and gates
  • Gilmour Fabriucations Ltd, who fabricated and installed the new railings and gates
  • Ecologist Penny Ward during the phase 1 habitat survey and following her instruction have, with assistance for our valued team of volunteers and Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management Team wardens, completed the installation a reptile fence in preparation for the commencement of the construction works.
Groundwork, on behalf of Marsh Street Arches and Garden CIC, are responsible for the delivery of the community grow your own scheme in their role as:
  • The Accountable Body, Groundwork will be responsible for issues such as fund raising, fund management, submitting funding bids, drawing down funding and paying contractors. They have confirmed funding from various sources such as; Marks and Spencer, WREN, BBC Communities for Health, Cumbria Waste Management Environmental Trust and NHS Cumbria.
  • Project Managers, working on behalf of the Marah Street Arches and Garden CIC, Groundworks responsibility will include among other issues; the provision of landscape design services, producing all necessary contract documentation and specifications, organising the tendering process, overseeing and supervising all work onsite, inspecting progress and ensuring quality of workmanship.
If you have any questions for the Groundwork Project Management Team you can contact them at:

We believe that, among the main health benefits of such as scheme would include; increased opportunities for physical activity, improved mental health and well being and the increased availability of fresh food. We also hope that by working in partnership with health organisation involved in both the mental health and disability sectors it will help to reduce the stigmatisation and isolation that both those suffering with mental health conditions and those with disabilities can feel.

You can view and download a copy of our grow your own scheme user policy here

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