Monday, 5 December 2011

Barrow CDRP: Who pays the price....What will YOU buy a teenager...

"We have been busy recently filming and producing a series of 4 video clips...we obviously have not done this alone you will be glad to hear!!  We were ablely assisted (or rather it was done by) Workshop Media.
We now have four video clips and we want EVERYONE to watch them!

"Why?" I hear you ask......

Well....the clips look at the consequences of buying teenagers alcohol.  As parents and adults we are perhaps all tempted from time to time to buy our teenagers (children) a few drinks for them to take to a party or gathering of friends.

When young people are attended to for emergency treatment by the ambulance service, found alone on local playing fields by the police, seen at our local hospital unable to even speak their own name, we ask them (once they are in a fit state to answer) where they got the alcohol from that got them in such a mess.  They most often tell us that they got it from a parent or well meaning adult.  We, as parents, think that if we just buy them a small bottle of spirits for them to share with their friends they won't be left out and we will be controlling how much they drink.  What we forget is that several other parents of the friend group do the same and before we know it our teenagers have a cocktail of spirits big enough to knock out an elephant for a week!!

We've all been young, we all like to have a good time...and we want the next generation to as well....but before you give alcohol to a teenager this Christmas, please watch these clips......"

Who Pays The Price? "The One With The Sex"

Who Pays The Price? "The One With The Violence"

Who Pays the Price? "The One With The Alcohol Poisoning"

Who Pays The Price? "The One With The Death"

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