Friday, 28 September 2012

What to plant and sow in Autumn.........

There are a number of vegetables which can be planted or sown directly outdoors in Autumn including:
  • Onions – can be planted up until November
  • Kale - will produce green throughout the winter
  • Brussel sprouts - can withstand a harsh winter
  • Winter spinach - can produce large yeilds around christmas
  • Garlic – cloves can be planted until early November. They can also be planted in early spring, but will provide a much better yield if it goes through a cold period over the winter
  • Winter/Lambs lettuce - a hardy winter salad with a soft texture and mild flavour. Lasts well throughout the winter, and when it flowers next spring the flowers can be eaten too.
  • Rocket - a September sowing of rocket will last well into the autumn and can sometimes survive a mild winter
  • Mustard greens - have a peppery taste and can be grown easliy in raised beds or containers
  • Broad beans – you can sow seeds of early varieties from now until late November
  • Peas – you can sow a hardy variety in a sheltered place from now until mid-October

Now is also a good time to plant new strawberry plants – either those you have bought or those you have propagated from runners. The sooner you plant them, the sooner they will get established and the bigger your crop next year.

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