Sunday, 24 February 2013

Easy to grow herbs

Anyone can grow herbs - they are relatively tough plants and can thrive in most conditions. They don't always need full sunlight and some grow perfectly in the shady spots. They are very versatile plants and can be used in cooking and many have therapeutic or medicinal properties.

When to Grow Herbs

You can begin to sow herb seeds once all the winter frosts have gone and the weather starts to warm up. If you want to keep all your herbs inside, just sow the seeds directly into a pot with some good quality compost and soil. If you are planning to eventually grow your herbs outside you can start them off in pots or trays in say a poly tunnel or on a warm window sill before hardening them off and taking them outside.

Where to Grow Herbs

Herbs generally don't need to be outside or have an enormous amount of space. As long as they have water, sunlight and good fertile soil or compost, most herbs will grow quite happily indoors or out - not only in the garden, but in pots, containers, window boxes or even hanging baskets.

Growing herbs in pots and containers -  add around 2 cm of gravel at the bottom of each pot to make sure that the plant has decent drainage and use a soil-based compost - either organic or something like John Innes potting compost. Water in the morning rather than the evening as this will give the plants a chance if the temperatures are hot during the day, especially for containers grown in full sun.

Growing herbs indoors - place the herbs a south or west facing window to get the best kind of sunlight.

Growing herbs in the garden – choose is a sunny, open but protected position with good drainage.

Herbs to try – Rosemary, thyme, sage, lemon balm, parsley, chives, mint, oregano, basil, coriander and lavender.

You can find detailed advice for growing herbs by following the links below.

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