Friday, 22 March 2013

Growing in raised planters and large containers

There are a wide range of crops you can easily grow in raised planters, troughs and large containers including; vegetables, herbs and fruits such as strawberries.
  • Strawberries - Because of the trailing stems these can be ideal around the edge of your planter
  • Beetroot – Very easy to grow from seed or you can buy young plants in trays.
  • Radishes – Fast maturing vegetable, ideal for filling in gaps between larger or longer to establish crops.
  • Herbs – Smaller herbs such as chives, basil and thyme are ideal for containers and planters.
  • Chilli peppers – Easy to grow but they do need heat to ripen. After any possible frosts they can be planter outside, in a sunny and sheltered position.
You can fill the gap between any larger plant with smaller more compact varieties such as radishes, lettuce and spring onions.

For a little extra colour and some pest control you could also consider adding marigolds or perhaps nasturtiums.

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