Monday, 5 August 2013

Sowing and planting vegetables in August

There are a large variety of vegetables that you can continue to sow and plant in August.

Plants such as:
  • Chinese cabbage - Until end of August
  • Spring cabbage - Sow in seedbed to transplant in Sept/Oct
  • Chicory - Until end of August    
  • Land cress or American cress -Makes an excellent substitute for watercress and is very hardy, usually surviving even the toughest winter.
  • Winter Lettuce - Sow winter varieties for harvesting in November and December.
  • Autumn sown (Japanese) onions - Sow seed in August. Sets can be planted in September.
  • Salad onions - Winter varieties from August onwards
  • Oriental greens - A whole range of these useful crops can be sown now.
  • Pak choi - Until end of August. China Choi has thick white stems and contrasting dark green leaves.
  • Peas - Last chance for autumn harvest. Sow a quick, 'early' variety such as Douce Provence or Meteor
  • Radish, mooli - Until end of August
  • Radish, winter - Until end August. Sow winter varieties such as China Rose and Black Spanish Round
  • Rocket - An August sowing of rocket will last well into the autumn and sometimes survive the winter in mild conditions or with some protection.
  • Spinach, perpetual - Until mid August, or end of August under cover.
  • Chard - Until mid August, or end of August undercover. 
  • Turnip - Early varieties till end August; main crop varieties till August. One of the easiest vegetables to grow. 

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