Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What you can still be sowing now

"Garlic -  Buy garlic for planting in October or early November.  ‘Vallelado’ is suitable for autumn and early winter planting; ‘Flavour’ for late winter and early spring planting.  To avoid the risk of introducing diseases, don’t use cloves bought from the greengrocer. Planting a named variety ensures you are growing a variety suited to the UK.

Onions  Autumn onion sets, such as Radar and Electric Red can be planted now
Land cress - Also known as American land cress. Makes an excellent substitute for watercress and is very hardy, usually surviving even the toughest winter.

Chinese leaves - There is a great choice of oriental salads to sow now, giving a supply of salad or stir-fry leaves over the autumn and winter. Some (marked* below) are best with some protection, and all will crop more generously under cover. If you are not sure what you like, try Oriental Saldini - a mixture of various greens. Green in Snow, Mizuna Greens*, Mibuna Greens*, Giant Red Mustard*, Indian mustard, Komatsuna*, Pak choi*.

Lamb's lettuce - Also called corn salad, very hardy winter salad with a soft texture and mild flavour. Lasts well throughout the winter, and when it flowers next spring the flowers can be eaten too.

Winter lettuce - Slower and less reliable perhaps than the salads listed above. Use a winter variety such as Rouge d'Hiver, Winter Density or Winter Crop, for harvesting in November and December.

Winter purslane - Goes by the additional names of claytonia and miner's lettuce. Another  very hardy winter salad, good at self-seeding. Produces small, mild tasting, succulent leaves. Sow in unheated greenhouse/polytunnel.

Broad bean - Sow Super Aquadulce, Aquadulce Claudia and Imperial Green Longpod towards the end of the month. The Sutton can be grown under cloches.

Peas - Round seeded peas can be grown from October/November sowings. An organic variety is the Douce Provence. Other varieties include Feltham First, Meteor or Pilot (probably the hardiest of all varieties).

Spring cabbages - Cabbages that were sown last month are probably ready for planting out now. Cover with enviromesh to prevent the pigeons from nibbling at them"

Source - Garden Organic 

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