Sunday, 24 November 2013

Various jobs around the garden in winter. Advice from Thompson and Morgan

"Wash down all of your garden tools and give them a wipe of linseed oil on the wooden and metal areas to help prevent rusting.

Choose a dry day to clear out the garden shed in preparation for the spring.

Check the security of your shed. This is particularly important in winter when you visit it less often.

Repair fences and apply a wood preservative to prevent them from rotting.

Get rid of slimy patches on the patio and paving by scrubbing with a broom or blasting with a pressure washer. For an easy alternative try a liquid patio cleaner.

Group potted plants together in a sheltered spot in the garden to give them some protection from the winter weather.

Check tree ties and stakes to ensure that trees are still secure following strong autumn winds. Tighten or loosen ties if necessary.

Wash and disinfect bird feeders and bird tables. Clean out bird baths too.

Hang fat balls and keep bird feeders topped up to attract birds, who will in turn eat pests in your garden.
Build or buy a compost bin.

Continue to collect fallen leaves and add to leaf bins or compost bins to rot down.

After pruning your fruit trees use the twigs for pea sticks or shred them and add them to your compost bin.
Turn your compost heaps to mix the ingredients and help the contents to decompose.

Cover compost bins with a piece of old carpet or some plastic sheeting to prevent the compost becoming too cold and wet to rot down.

Plant bareroot native hedges to encourage wildlife and create attractive boundaries around your garden.

Make a pile of old logs in an undisturbed corner of the garden to provide shelter for toads and other wildlife.

Collect brightly coloured stems and berries for your Christmas decorations""

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