Sunday, 14 September 2014

Wild About Gardens Week 15 - 21 September 2014

"Wild About Gardens is a joint initiative by the Royal Horticultural Society and The Wildlife Trusts to encourage people to support local biodiversity in their gardens.  In May 2013, the State of Nature report, compiled by 25 wildlife organisations, found that 60 percent of the 3,148 UK animal and plant species assessed have declined in the past 50 years for a range of reasons including loss of habitat. 

Many of our common garden species - hedgehogs, house sparrows, starlings and common frogs, for example – are becoming much less common. This is where gardeners can make a difference, by making their own gardens and the green spaces in their communities more wildlife friendly".

You can find free guides on many practical ways to enhance your garden for wildlife, from building bug hotels to help our garden pollinators through winter to feeding birds to building ponds at the Wild About Gardens website here

You can download Wild About Gardens free guide with planting and activity ideas to help pollinators flourish in your garden here.

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