Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Grow your own scheme update

You can follow the latest news and updates in regard the planning application for the north plot community grow your own scheme at:
  • Barrow Borough Planning on Twitter here
  • Barrow Borough Council planning portal here.
  • Decision notices can be found here
Groundwork, on behalf of Marsh Street Arches and Garden CIC are responsible for the delivery of the grow your own scheme in their role as:
  • The Accountable Body, Groundwork will be responsible for issues such as fund raising, fund management, submitting funding bids, drawing down funding and paying contractors.
  • Project Managers, working on behalf of the Marah Street Arches and Garden CIC, Groundworks responsibility will include, among other issues; the provision of landscape design services, producing contract documentation, organising the tendering process, overseeing and supervising all work onsite, inspecting progress and ensuring quality of workmanship.
If you have any questions for the Groundwork Project Management Team you can contact them at:

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