Sunday, 14 October 2012

October in the herb garden

You can take semi-ripe cuttings from a variety of plants including:
  • Bay
  • Cotton lavender
  • Lavenders
  • Thymes
  • Curry plant
  • Box

As a guide to taking semi –ripe cuttings: 
  • Select shoots from this seasons growth and check that they are firm at the base and pliable at top.
  • Take 10-15 cm (4-6 in) long cuttings from just below where leaf joins stem
  • Remove leaves from the bottom two-thirds of the stem.
  • Place the cuttings into pots or trays of cuttings compost, 8-10 cm apart but do not allow the leaves to touch the compost, or the leaves of other cuttings.
  • Firm compost
  • Water
  • Over winter the cuttings in a cold frame/greenhouse/shady window ledge in a cool room.

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