Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our Health Lottery funded training activities so far

Final figures for the first phase (2013) of our Health Lottery funded training at Green Heart Den are;

        We have had 99 attendances from 39 individuals across 17 sessions.  
        Some attending on multiple occasions i.e. x2 attending 13 sessions, x1  
        attending 5 sessions x3 attending 4 sessions and x6 attending 2 sessions
        and so on.

        The workshops/activities have included;
        Basic introduction to growing your own
        How to design your own herb garden
        Learning about edible flowers
        Meadow management
        Gardening for wildlife
        Food for free - foraging
        Wildlife identification
        Cook and eat on the garden
        Art in the garden
        Propagation - using the poly tunnel

        We’ve also had three schools sessions as part of the Health Lottery    
        funded training. St Georges School held two sessions within one day on the site,
        with workshops led by Cumbria Wildlife Trust and paid for from our
        funding. This involved 6 pupils and 2 staff members from the school.
        Sacred Heart School had a session on the site for 10 pupils and 2 staff

        We are currently planning training for 2014 Spring/Summer – the first
        session on meadow management and introduction to wildlife was for 12
        pupils and 3 staff from Furness Academy. Future work with women from
        Women’s Community Matters is currently being planned.

Our training programme has been enabled from a grant we were awarded by The People’s Health Trust, using money raised by Healthable Community Interest Company through The Health Lottery. 

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